Photogrammetry is a metric science of extracting three dimensional measurements and positions of objects captured from photos or videos. The process utilizes known landmarks within the image, and applies the known as a scale of the image distortion. Software is used to “rectify” the image so that unknown objects can be measured.

Physical Evidence Documentation

The advantage of CRP is the ability to objectively document and measure physical evidence. Diagramming the location and relative position of items such as skid marks, final rest, vehicle crush, blood spatter, trajectory entrance and exit, etc. are critical for an accurate analysis of an event.

Lost Evidence Recovery

Evidence disappears with the passing of time. If the critical items have been photographed, it is possible to reconstruct the missing evidence.

Objective and Verifiable

The process of CRP is both objective and verifiable. CRP is an accepted scientific practice in the forensic community.

Surveillance, Dash or Phone Cameras

Many sources can be used whether they are captured from surveillance, dash or phone videos. Data garnered from these devices can range from vehicle speed, suspect height, weapon position and orientation.