Experience and Expertise

We have been creating Forensic Animations for almost 28 years. We have created thousands of animations for trial attorneys around the world. Our animations have been precedent setting in many state, federal, international, civil and criminal cases. The scope and span of our work probably includes your case as well.


We use laser scanners and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to accurately and efficiently measure and document accident scenes. We use state of the art specialized software from photogrammetry, geographic information system, computational flow modeling, and particle generation software.

Legal Perspective

We are proficient in the science and technology, as well as the legal requirements and nuances. It is essential to understand the civil, criminal, state, federal and international rules of evidence and the differing demands between mediation and trial animations. We also understand how trial lawyers work and the special demands that these endeavors bring.


We are responsive. We always meet deadlines. And we are proactive, advising clients of potential issues or alternate less costly options. We are committed to the physics and the physical evidence, and one of our jobs is to accurately advise you where you stand. We focus on your case during the duration of its production.

Telephone: 1-800-460-2887