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Laser Scanning

Terrestrial laser scanning is a ground based system of measuring position and dimensions of objects using emitted laser light.

Drone Imagery

We mission plan our drones to acquire hundreds to thousands of images with specific characteristics. We then use this data to create 3D models of both crime and accident scenes.


Photogrammetry is an age-old metric science used to extract three-dimensional data from images.

Interactive 3D

virtual reality application  to produce an interactive prototype for the usage of visualization and forensic research

Our Cases

3 Dimensional Forensic Animation Of A 5 Vehicle Collusion.

Motor vehicle reconstruction involving multicar collisions

Energy Provider Electrocution animation of 3D placement of power lines Liability

The use of laser scans allows the accurate three-dimensional placement and orientation of the powerlines and foliag

Capital Murder Trajectory Reconstruction

The use of computer models and animation facilitates the accurate and objective reconstruction of
trajectories, trace evidence and wound position and orientation

Since 1989

We have generated thousands of animations for hundreds of clients across the globe

Approximately 80 percent of our work is civil and 20% criminal.

We provide the technical expertise. We generate the graphical presentation of expert opinion.

Our civil work is divided 60 percent with defense clients and 40 percent plaintiff clients.

Our criminal work is evenly divided between prosecutors
and criminal defense.

We assist in reconstructing crimes and accidents three-dimensionally.

Legal Forensic Animations

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Justice Through Science And Technology

  • We utilize science and technology to create sophisticated computer visualizations to provide a more complete and accurate understanding of the events in question.
  • Forensic animations deliver the greatest quantity and quality of information in a manner the typical juror can understand.
  • With more than thirty years of experience, we have developed extensive procedures and protocols to ensure our work is accurate, objective and verifiable.
  • Whether your case is local or international, criminal or civil, small or massive, we have the experience to handle your case.

We Got You Covered with Forensic Animations

We provide the most advanced forensic technology available to your case.

A 3D Illustration Of Collision Effect


We generate animations on a daily basis for a huge spectrum of cases from aviation, motor
vehicle, product, environmental, patent, trace evidence, death penalty, fires, explosions, war
crimes, construction, premise, officer involved shootings, to mundane eminent domain and

We are experts in dealing with experts. We receive data in many different forms ranging
from digital to hand calculations and sketches. We receive analysis in varying levels of quality
from excellent to poor. Many of our cases have more than one author or expert. We successfully
integrate the different experts’ analysis into one coherent animation.


We utilize state of the art hardware and software to incorporate different data from so many disciplines, and to do this efficiently. The computational power we use has to be the best available.

Legal Experience

We have to be proficient in the science as well as the technology; however, it is critical we understand the legal requirements and nuances. Due to our experience, we have that covered as well.


We helped create and pioneer these protocols. I have testified many times solely on the utilization of Forensic Animation in trials. It is essential to understand the civil, criminal, state, federal and international rules of evidence and the differing demands between mediation and trial animations.


We also understand how trial lawyers work and the special demands that these endeavors bring. These matters are serious, sometimes literally life and death and it is no time for amateurs.


Our business focus is to ensure every client becomes a repeat client. Our job is to solve headaches not create them. We are responsive.


We always meet deadlines. And we are proactive, advising clients of potential issues or alternate less costly options. We are committed to the physics and the physical evidence, and one of our jobs is to accurately advise you where you stand.


We will move our case load accordingly, so we will be solely focused on your case during the duration of its production.

Whether you case is civil or criminal, domestic or international, forensic animation is a very powerful tool. We provide consulting and review of all animated exhibits.

We are one of the pioneers of this industry and we have close to 30 years of case experience to offer our clients.

Our emphasis is on the science and technology which forms the basis of every animation. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your case

About Us

Experience And Expertise

We have been creating Forensic Animations for 30 years. We have created thousands of animations for trial attorneys around the world. Our animations have been precedent setting in many state, federal, international, civil and criminal cases. The scope and span of our work probably includes your case as well.


We use laser scanners and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to accurately and efficiently measure and document accident scenes. We use state of the art specialized software from photogrammetry, geographic information system, computational flow modeling, and particle generation software.

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About 21st!

Established in 1989, 21st creates sophisticated 3D computer visuals for litigation. We are retained by counsel to create the 3D graphical presentation of expert opinion. We provide the technical support to create accurate and informing exhibits to better communicate the events in question.

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