IBM, image-based modeling relies on two-dimensional images of a scene to generate a three-dimensional computer model. This virtual model is used to create a diagram of the scene. A UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle, is used to acquire a large sample of 2D images of the scene or object. These are then processed by sophisticated photogrammetry software which then creates a computer model of the same. Accuracy varies depending on the number of images and the quality of those images, amongst other variables. One should expect error of one foot over a mile.

Large Scale Data Acquisition and Rapid Data Acquisition

A highway accident, plant explosion, or premise case at an apartment complex all involve greater distances or scale. UAVIBM provides very rapid data capture of large areas in a matter of minutes. Typical total flight time for a highway scene is 30 minutes.

Comprehensive Data, Speed, Cost Savings, Cool Factor

UAVs can quickly be deployed to a fresh scene insuring good documentation. The range of the drone insures complete coverage of the scene

    • Affordable

      Drone missions begin at $1,500 plus travel for UAV documentation; however, are often combined with scanning for added savings.

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